ep 20. Minicast Q&A

Since we have a little time on our hands thanks to COVID-19, we’re putting out this extra “minicast” for folks who find themselves with a little extra time for podcasts. In this episode: We salute you, NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio; Why are The Angry Cops so angry?; The Comfort is here; where are the patients?; Teddy Roosevelt’s skipper gets canned; A famous sailor passes; and some Q&A from a listener.

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Full Hogan & de Blasio ‘It’s Going To Take All Of Us’ | Meet The Press | NBC News

Angry Cops: “The National Guard is not the Military” NYC Mayor De Blasio

Navy hospital ship supposed to aid a struggling New York floats largely unused and idle

Navy Fires Theodore Roosevelt Skipper Following Leaked Letter Pleading for COVID-19 Assistance

3x Grammy Award winner, 9-year Navy vet Bill Withers dies at 81

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