69. Not Our Fault

Episode 69 Cover Art

Episode 69 Cover ArtIN THE NEWS: RIP Betty White (and it’s not our fault);

When World War II broke out, Betty put her career on hold and volunteered for the American Women’s Voluntary Services. Her assignment included the transportation of military supplies through California. From her acting career, her service to our country, and all of the work she has done for veterans and service members around the world, she was truly larger than life.

Also in this episode…Reflecting on our podcast; Biggest military stories of 2021 review, including the January 6th Capitol Riot; The botched U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan; The Accountable Marine; Russian buildup on the Ukraine border; Extremism and CRT in the military; New Tricare charges; Army vet scams the VA; and Base housing fails.

RECAP: Reflecting on our podcast in 2021:

We did 27 episodes this year, one every 2 weeks. We had almost 5,000 downloads this year with an average of about 180 downloads within 30-days of release, which still makes us bigger than half of the 75-thousand podcasts on Libsyn, which is the oldest and most experienced podcast hosting platform. Shout-out to Libsyn! We also surpassed 10,000 total downloads!

We had over 1,400 visitors to the website with more than 3,000 views. The top referrer was Google Search, followed by Facebook.

Most downloaded episodes this year: ep41: “Guardians” of the Galaxy; ep42: The Thresher’s Tale; ep 45: TRUMP!; ep 50: Military Murder Mysteries; and ep 43: Bits and Bytes.

Most downloaded of all time are: ep6: Darwin Awards; ep2: UFOs over Rendlesham Forest; ep1: The Hard Stand Monster of Alconbury; ep41: “Guardians” of the Galaxy; and ep14: Incentives with MSgt Kyle Green.

Top user agents: Apple Podcasts; Spotify; Stitcher; iHeart; and Overcast.

Top Listening Countries: 38 countries in all; USA; India; United Kingdom; Singapore; and Australia.

Special thanks to our podcasts guests this year: Ryan Kern of the Finding Faces Podcast who joined us on episode 49: Finding Faces with Ryan Kern; and friend of the show, Christof Ambrosch of Tales of Honor Podcast and Professional American podcast, who guest hosted on episode 58, Sprayed and Betrayed and episode 61: Afghanistan. Let’s Talk About It.

And as always, thanks to our research assistant, Jen Barber, who is also our relationship manager.

And finally, a special THANK YOU! to everyone listening to our podcast, sharing it with others, liking it on social media, rating and reviewing on iTunes, Podchaser, and more, engaging with comments and feedback, and supporting the show with donations. We can’t begin to tell you how much we appreciate your involvement with the show.


The U.S. military’s biggest stories of 2021

Pentagon Could Punish Service Members for ‘Liking’ Supposed ‘Extremist’ Social Media Posts Under New Policy

Mold, contaminated water and corruption: A year of military housing headaches for the Pentagon

Chris and Jody are Air Force vets who enjoy military history and folklore. They have a podcast. They tell stories. They digress. A lot.

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  1. I for one am with you guys on US involvement in Ukraine! All this wagging the dog is a distraction from whats going on at home.

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