ep 14: Incentives with MSgt Kyle Green

In the business world, promotions and raises are important motivators, but in the military, rank and pay go hand-in-hand. Since military supervisors don’t have a direct influence on employee promotions or compensation, incentivizing these team members requires some out-of-the-box thinking. Our buddy, MSgt Kyle Green, is a subject matter expert on employee performance incentives and helps explore this topic, with a little digression, of course.

Kyle Green, MSgt (ret)
MSgt Kyle Green

MSgt (retired) Kyle Green is a 22-year US Air Force veteran. He began his career as a crew chief, and much like Chris, fell in love with aircraft maintenance. He later became an Air Force recruiter, raising to the top of his profession and earning the Gold Recruiter Badge, the highest award a recruiter can achieve! After retiring from the Air Force, Kyle spent 12 years as the human resources director for 3 national companies and is currently the Area Manager for the Arizona region for the 2020 census.


Today’s topics…

  • Civilian vs Military incentives (pros/cons)

Civilian-side discussion:

  • Private Equity vs Privately-Owned
    • Private Equity: They want to keep the profits
    • Privately-Owned: Profit sharing
  • HR Challenges
    • How to build a reward strategy for high performers
    • Sales rewards vs Operations awards
  • Federal Sector jobs

Military-side discussion:

  • STEP (Stripes for Exceptional Performers) Promotions
  • Quarterly/Annual Awards: Plaques, plaques, and more plaques
  • Leadership development and TDYs
  • Challenge Coins and a bit of history on the tradition: And it was here, Kyle coin-checked Jody and Chris. To perform a coin-check, someone drops a challenge coin on the table and whoever doesn’t have a coin buys the next round; however, if everyone in the checked group has a coin, then the person who performed the coin-check has to buy. In this instance, Chris didn’t have his coin…at least right away (doesn’t matter, he’s buying!).
Chris found his coin
Chris found his coin and made a statement at the same time.
  • Crew Chief for a Day
  • Incentive Rides
Thanks for the ride
Written on Jody’s farewell gift from ‘The Kune’

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Chris and Jody are Air Force vets who enjoy military history and folklore. They have a podcast. They tell stories. They digress. A lot.

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