ep 17: Accommodation Medals

Cover ArtLast seaman laid to rest in USS Arizona; Astronaut reenlists 800 soldiers; Air National Guard wants some Space Force action; Drone pilots get a medal; Good-bye South Korea curfew; Revealing DNA tests; Pentagon sets rules for Skynet; No. 1 coffee; Social justice finds the Air Force song; Tin Can at 20,000-feet.

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Lauren Bruner last to join his shipmates on USS Arizona

Astronaut to administer enlistment oath for 800 future soldiers from space

Does the Space Force need a Guard component? The National Guard says yes.

Air Force releases criteria for new Remote Combat Effects Campaign Medal

No more curfew for US troops in South Korea

Pentagon: Testing your DNA more dangerous than you might think

The Pentagon promises to use artificial intelligence for good, not evil

Airman busted down for urinating in office coffee maker

Goldfein unveils gender-neutral update to Air Force Song

The Battle Of Leyte Gulf: Part 10 – ‘Charge Of The Tin Cans’


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