ep 22: Still Talking ‘Bout the ‘Rona

The “I can’t believe we’re still talking about the damn virus” episode where we discuss: The jump in COVID cases in the military and growing recoveries; The “Fired-up Chief” is on the mend; Vets are dying; New military travel exemptions and no-movement hardships; New York didn’t need Comfort after all; Japan goes American-made, but the Indians go Russian; A Navy without aircraft carriers?; Military cuts MEDIVAC in West Africa and a Public health emergency in Djibouti; Thunderbirds and Blue Angels salute the nation; Apply to the Space Force; An Airman and Marine takes the US back to space; Space Force wants all things “space”; Where’s the new Space Force logo?; Teddy Roosevelt gets a new hospital; The tests are in and now the Teddy is the perfect research lab; Spreading out bombers in the Pacific; Razing the Russians; Researching pilot cancers, but what about the mechs?; Building a digital B1; Russia razzes the Navy; No ROE change for Iranian Gunboats; Nine Inch Nails joins the Army; Too many beds, but that’s okay; VA record sharing (cough*cough); Kicked-off base at Camp Casey; Good luck reforming USAJOBS.

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As COVID testing increases, military reports a jump in virus cases among troops

Nearly 1,000 troops have recovered from COVID-19

Air Force’s ‘Fired Up Chief’ survives a serious bout with coronavirus

Coronavirus death rate among veterans continues to climb

Here are the new exemptions to the military’s coronavirus travel ban

Pentagon’s stop movement order extension a hardship for some PCS’ing families

Navy hospital ship sent to NYC for outbreak no longer needed, says Cuomo

Department of Defense

Japan’s Next F-X Fighters: F-35 Wins Round 1

F-15EX vs. Su-35: Why India Would Choose the Russian Flanker Over the New American Eagle for its MMRCA (Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft) Contract

Defense Department study calls for cutting 2 of the US Navy’s aircraft carriers

U.S. Military Cutting Medevac Flights for Troops in West Africa

Public health emergency declared for US troops stationed across Djibouti base cluster

Pentagon plans to dispatch Blue Angels and Thunderbirds in coronavirus tribute


Space Force Accepting Applications Starting May 1 

Airman and Marine Will Head to Space in First US Manned Launch Since 2011

Upcoming report to Congress on space acquisition expected to be ‘groundbreaking’

Coronavirus pandemic delays key Space Force announcements on logo, basing


Air Force building medical facility in Guam to accommodate Roosevelt sailors with COVID-19

The Air Force has stopped its Continuous Bomber Presence mission in Guam

A B-1B Bomber Just Flew Near Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula After Crossing The Bering Sea

Air Force will have answer on pilot cancers next year, study goes on despite COVID-19

Air Force partners with NIAR to create B-1B “digital twin”


US Navy finishes testing every sailor on aircraft carrier hit by coronavirus, with over 800 testing positive

How the virus-stricken USS Theodore Roosevelt may help coronavirus researchers

Second Unsafe Intercept by Russia in U.S. Sixth Fleet

Will Navy Ships Really Open Fire on Harassing Iranian Gunboats? It Depends, Officials Say


Army Enlists Nine Inch Nails for New Coronavirus-Themed Recruiting Video

The Army May Have Built Too Many Hospital Beds. And That’s OK, General Says


Initiative opens medical records from tens of thousands of outside clinics to DOD, VA physicians


USFK levels 2-year ban on civilian violating coronavirus measures in off-base bar

Commission calls USAJOBS listings ‘unintelligible’ in drive to reform hiring process


Chris and Jody are Air Force vets who enjoy military history and folklore. They have a podcast. They tell stories. They digress. A lot.

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