ep 46: Florida Fiasco

In 1812, the United States government tried to annex Spanish East Florida by a combination of covert action and direct invasion. Then the plan went horribly wrong.

The “Patriots’ War’” in Spanish East Florida during 1812-13 was an early example of a military disaster caused by a secret, flawed political policy. The characteristics of this fiasco bear an uncomfortable resemblance to the United States’ undeclared wars in the late 20th century—covert paramilitary operations, convoluted chains of command, restrictive rules of engagement, Congress at odds with the president, and increasing public dissatisfaction. As always, the troops paid the highest price for bad policy.


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“Florida Fiasco: Rampant Rebels on the Georgia-Florida Border 1810-1815” by Rembert Patrick.

“The Other War of 1812: The Patriot War and the American Invasion of Spanish East Florida” by James Cusick.

DOD Use of Deadly Force circa 1992

Chris and Jody are Air Force vets who enjoy military history and folklore. They have a podcast. They tell stories. They digress. A lot.

2 thoughts on “ep 46: Florida Fiasco

  1. I’m retired Army and have been listening to your podcast for about a year now. I’m not normally someone who writes comments, but I had to share this story with you. We recently toured the Castillo de San Marcos in beautiful St Augustine, Florida and having listened to your podcast #46, I asked the ranger at the entrance what he knew about the Patriot War, which turned out to be A LOT! He even called it the ‘Florida Fiasco’. Great work gentlemen!

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