ep 62: Operation Rype

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episode 62 cover artOne could say this episode is a “part 2”, of sorts, as it focuses on one of the Jedburgh commandos and an Office of Strategic Services operations supported by The Carpetbaggers, the clandestine flyers we talked about in episode 60. This is the story of Major William Colby and Operation Rype. “Rype” was the codename of the American airborne unit dropped by Carpetbagger B-24s into the Snåsa mountains in Central Norway in March 1945. Their objective was to carry out sabotage operations behind enemy lines with the purpose of preventing German forces from withdrawing from northern Norway to reinforce the European theatre.

Nearly 200 miles south of the Arctic Circle, Jaevsjo Lake divides the border between Norway and Sweden. The surrounding mountains provide excellent security for the region and are especially beautiful in the winter when a deep blanket of snow covers the landscape. It’s a very peaceful setting. But at midnight on March 24, 1945, that changed when eight American B-24 bombers shattered the stillness as they circled above the frozen lake. The crews, peering through the miserable icy conditions, were searching for signal bonfires the Norwegian Resistance had lit for them.

Aboard the lead B-24, Colby and three fellow commandos checked their parachutes and awaited the jump order. When the green light came on and the jumpmaster gave the signal, Colby dropped through the open hatch, which was known as the Joe Hole, into the frigid night and parachuted onto the ice at Jaevsjo Lake.


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Chris and Jody are Air Force vets who enjoy military history and folklore. They have a podcast. They tell stories. They digress. A lot.

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