ep 71: Covid Misinformation

Episode 71 Cover Art

Episode 71 Cover ArtIN THE NEWS: Covid misinformation; Pentagon spox refutes woke military claims by explaining how woke they are; Leaked docs prove Biden’s Afghanistan failure; Special Forces take out new ISIS leader; Vax injuries skyrocket after military vax mandate; The REAL Space Force is back!; Congress turns down Space National Guard…again!; If that’s not bad enough, there are no Space Force license plates, either; Surprise! Mysterious aircraft spotted at Area 51; Biden honors WWII Ghost Army soldiers; The Navy’s new hip-hop 2-piece OC; Barefoot Marine kicks in a car window; Finally! Red Tails win first Top Gun competition.



Pentagon Spox Kirby: Claims About Wokeness in the Military ‘Ridiculous’

Scoop: Leaked document reveals Biden’s Afghan failures

ISIS leader killed during US special operations raid in Syria

COVID-19: A Second Opinion


‘Space Force’ Mission 2 Is Coming Soon

Congress turns down a Space National Guard again, but Space Force isn’t giving up

States with Space Force Bases Still Don’t Have License Plates Commemorating the Service


Mysterious Aircraft Spotted At Area 51 In Unprecedented Satellite Image


Biden Signs Bill to Honor WWII Ghost Army Soldiers


What’s That Uniform the Navy’s Top Enlisted Sailor Is Wearing?


We salute the Marine who kicked in a windshield barefoot to save a man after a car crash


Tuskegee Airmen recognized with Top Gun honor 73 years after winning

Chris and Jody are Air Force vets who enjoy military history and folklore. They have a podcast. They tell stories. They digress. A lot.

3 thoughts on “ep 71: Covid Misinformation

  1. We had the same problem at Beale that Alconbury had with UXOs. Every few years after a rain a bomb or grenade would pop out of the ground. Back when it was Camp Beale it was used for artillery training and the like and clearly they weren’t very good at cleanup. It was bad enough that new housing construction was delayed because they couldn’t promise the contractors that they wouldn’t blow up.

    Also when I was a kid growing up in Louisiana part of our swimming lessons was to show up fully clothed in blue jeans so we could learn how to make a life preserver out of them while treading water in the deep end. Dare I say that a bunch of 12 year olds were better trained than the modern Navy?

  2. Glad to hear you’ve both rebounded from the covid. I had it a few months back and it kicked my ass, so I know how you felt. I really liked this episode and the best line was Jody’s assessment of Kirby’s statement on FNS, “we’re not woke, but this is why we’re woke.” I cracked up! Great stuff, guys! Keep it up!

  3. My compliments to your research department. The stats you reported on the vaccine injuries in the military was excellent and frightening! If I hadn’t got it from you, I wouldn’t have got it!

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