ep 88: Space Isn’t New

Episode 88 Cover Art

Episode 88 Cover ArtIN THE NEWS with guest co-host Christof Ambrosch! VA makes PACT Act conditions presumptive and accepting claims; Ukraine’s Zelensky talks war with Jimmy Fallon; While the parliament gives themselves a 70% raise; Pentagon OKs Novavax for COVID19, Civilian Protection Center of Excellence and limiting war casualties; Space is not new; Space Flag and on-orbit combat training; The Air Force knows sweat, piss, and hate; Army turns to social media to find missing M240 machine gun; Navy ghost leet is setting sail; Marine harrier controlled crash on mattress; Commission says vets more likely to go to jail than non-vets, but we’re not quite so sure.

Christof Ambrosch
Christof Ambrosch

We’re always thrilled to have “friend of the show” Christof Ambrosch join us on The Digression Podcast! Regular listeners of this podcast know Christof; he is the producer and host of Tales of Honor, a podcast with a mission to tell the story of every recipient of the Medal of Honor, as well as the Professional American podcast, where he covers it all, from business ownership, to family life, to car stuff, and more!


VA makes all toxic-exposure conditions presumptive immediately following signing of PACT Act

Vets can apply for all PACT Act benefits now after VA speeds up law


Volodymyr Zelensky Discusses Ukraine War Campaign with Jimmy Fallon

70 percent more money – Ukrainian MPs decide to increase their pay


Troops can now get Novavax as a COVID-19 vaccine

Military Gets New Office to Help Limit Civilian Deaths and Injury


What is the Space Force? Guardian explains how it contributes to our every days lives

US Space Force conducts ‘simulated on-orbit combat’ training


‘Sweat, piss and hate’ — What it smells like to carry hundreds of troops in an Air Force C-17


The Army wants YOU — to help them find a missing M240 machine gun


The Navy’s ‘ghost fleet’ is growing


Wheels-Up Harrier Jump Jet Landing On Mattresses. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


Commission will study why veterans are more likely than nonveterans to get in trouble with the law

Chris and Jody are Air Force vets who enjoy military history and folklore. They have a podcast. They tell stories. They digress. A lot.

2 thoughts on “ep 88: Space Isn’t New

  1. Though we miss Chris, it’s always nice to hear from Christof and Jody doesn’t miss a beat in the transition. The episode was funny and informative and it sounded like Jody was channeling Matthew McConaughey in the Space Force story. Is that what you were going for?

  2. Thanks for sharing the harrier story. The MAG CO should have to pay for the damage out of his own pocket! What an ignoramus!

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