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The Digression Podcast
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 6 reviews
 by Simon

Chris and Jody are the real deal! They may say they're amateurs, but the truth is, this is as professional a podcast as you will find! The production quality is top-notch! The stories are interesting, well-written, and fun to listen to. The editing is excellent, with a sound quality that rivals many big-name podcasts. I look forward to each episode!

 by Marcus
Interesting Stories

I'm really digging the boys' Masters of Warfare series. They pack a lot of information into these short stories and bring the history of these leaders alive!

 by Maynard
These guys ROCK!

I just discovered the digression podcast and after listening to several episodes I'm bingeing even more. Spoiler alert! I'm a U.S. Army vet so I'm showing my bias since these guys are vets too. You don't have to be a vet to appreciate what they do!

 by Gwillis
A++ Podcast

If you served in the military or just love listening to stories of the past whether it be recent or ancient this is the show for you. Its so unique how they tie in current events and pop culture every now and then too. I look forward to the release of each new episode!

 by Arthur Scott
Military Tales and Tangents

The Digression Podcast is a military news and history podcast hosted by Chris and Jody. Each episode features the duo discussing a wide range of military-related topics with a casual and conversational tone. There are plenty of humorous tangents and off-topic discussions, too. Despite the digressions, they always manage to tie everything back together and keep the show entertaining from start to finish. Overall, the Digression Podcast is a great choice for those who enjoy military history, witty banter, and a good laugh.

 by Gomer Pyle
Best milpod out there!

This is one of my favorite podcasts! Chris and Jody tell interesting stories that are fun and engaging. When they do a show, it's obvious they're having fun, which makes it fun for me.