ep 22: Still Talking ‘Bout the ‘Rona

The “I can’t believe we’re still talking about the damn virus” episode where we discuss: The jump in COVID cases in the military and growing recoveries; The “Fired-up Chief” is on the mend; Vets are dying; New military travel exemptions and no-movement hardships; New York didn’t need Comfort after all; Japan goes American-made, but the Indians go Russian; A Navy without aircraft carriers?; Military cuts MEDIVAC in West Africa and a Public health emergency in Djibouti; Thunderbirds and Blue Angels salute the nation; Apply to the Space Force; An Airman and Marine takes the US back to space; Space Force wants all things “space”; Where’s the new Space Force logo?; Teddy Roosevelt gets a new hospital; The tests are in and now the Teddy is the perfect research lab; Spreading out bombers in the Pacific; Razing the Russians; Researching pilot cancers, but what about the mechs?; Building a digital B1; Russia razzes the Navy; No ROE change for Iranian Gunboats; Nine Inch Nails joins the Army; Too many beds, but that’s okay; VA record sharing (cough*cough); Kicked-off base at Camp Casey; Good luck reforming USAJOBS.

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ep 15: Coffee with Stealth

Chris plots the demise of a mouse; We have a Space Force and Space Command–now what?; The Air Force F-35 can’t shoot straight; The Army flips desert survival by sucking water out of the air; Air Force F-15’s are shedding their stealth; A $1,000 coffee cup?; The Navy’s Blue Angels invest in a used Fat Albert.

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ep 13: Did You See A Plane Crash?

The back-and-forth that inspired the show. Chris takes a winter vacation to Florida where he and Jody do some boating on the St Johns River; search for a crashed airplane; compare car-crash stories; debate irritating Prius drivers; intubate a stunt man who broke his pelvis leaping off a moving motorcycle; discover there’s more than one kind of frequent-flyer; and finally discuss the mechanics behind the powerful magnets in MRI machines.

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