The Challenge Coin

Legend has it that the military challenge coin dates back to Roman times.  After all, the Romans were among the first to stamp precious metals into coins, and given their appetence for large-scale military forces, why not bestow upon the Romans the mythological origin of challenge coins?

There’s no doubt challenge coins are a big part of military culture. Challenge coins are a great way to boost morale, identify allegiance, and are a terrific way to extend one’s appreciation by saying “thank you” with coin in hand and a firm handshake. Moreover, challenge coins–specifically in military units–demonstrate “proof of membership” and affiliation with a specific unit or element extending esprit de corps and morale in its proud members. Then, there also the time-honored tradition of slamming your unit challenge coin down in bars to see who has theirs. He who is last or is without their coin buys the next round.

In keeping with this proud military tradition, The Digression Podcast Guys introduce their own challenge coin. Unlike many of the coins in circulation within military units today, every aspect of this unique coin has a specific meaning…

Challenge Coin: The Digression Podcast with Chris and Jody

Shape: Circle. No beginning and no end, representing the timelessness of a good story.

Colors: The black background represents knowledge and the unknown. The silver inlay represents enlightenment and the modern technology that provides the vehicle for our podcast. The white of the van’s bumper on the obverse side of the coin and the banner stretched across the bottom of the shield on the reverse side represents integrity and firm adherence to a military code of honor.

Obverse: The image of the back of a van traveling into the unknown represents our podcast and the nonstop journey into endless digression. The van is reminiscent of the VW Van which conjures images of the open road and unknown adventures awaiting. The van is gray, which represents intelligence, reliability, and age (because we’re old, but we still have enough wits about us to tell a compelling tale). The red tail lights represent action, strength, and courage. They also represent the stripe of red cloth which was the first official designation of the American NCO. In 1775, a general order from Army HQ at Cambridge was issued stating that “sergeants may be distinguished by an epaulette or stripe of red cloth sewed upon the right shoulder…”. The van’s license plate reads “2019”, which was the year the first episode of The Digression Podcast went live.

Reverse: The shield is reminiscent of the command shields of the United States Air Force, the branch of service in which The Digression Podcast Guys served. The words within the white banner, “Nos Honorem Miles” are translated, “We Honor the Soldiers”. The gauntlet upon the arm and hand represent those who serve in the profession of arms, and while holding a beer is lifting a toast to service brothers who gave their all. The blue background represents piety, sincerity, and the loyalty we share with our brothers. The gold wings represent glory, constancy, and faith, reminding us that our fallen brothers have gone to greater glory and we must always keep the faith.

Motto: “We stand for nothing; sometimes we can’t even stand” is a reminder not to take ourselves too seriously, for every one of us have embarrassed ourselves during a drunken stupor.

So, the next time you see The Digression Podcast Guys in the bar, get ready! We’re throwing down!